Shields are used to block shots from weapons and are impervious to harm except from certain abilities and magics. All shield measurements are the exterior surface area on a flat plane

  1. Must not break or bend significantly during the course of combat. Rigid or easily breakable foam, or low-density foams, are inappropriate for all-foam shield construction. Some acceptable materials are:
    1. Sturdy high-density foam
    2. Plywood
    3. High impact plastics
    4. Aluminum
  2. Must have an opaque, durable cover such as cloth or PlastiDip
  3. The rim and face of the shield must be padded by at least 1” of closed cell foam
    1. All-foam shields do not require any additional padding so long as the foam itself would be considered padding
  4. Hard edges may not be exposed on any surface which can reasonably come into contact with another player or their equipment
  5. A player may only wield one shield at a time
  6. Must be gripped in a hand in order to be considered wielded. An open hand inside a shield handle is not enough to consider that shield wielded
    1. A shield that is gripped in a hand may also have a support strap around the arm
    2. A blow that strikes a non-wielded shield strapped to a player, such as a shield slung across a back, is considered to strike the player as if the shield had not been there
    3. A small shield may be strapped to an arm instead of wielded in a hand
  7. A small shield is between 36 square inches (6.8 inch diameter) and three square feet (23.45 inch diameter)
  8. A medium shield is no larger than five square feet (30.28 inch diameter)
  9. A large shield is no larger than eight square feet (38.3 inch diameter)
  10. Shield shapes may not cause confusion on the field. A shield cannot look like Armor or a Weapon
  11. A shield may be tossed in a manner that keeps it (relatively) perpendicular to the ground. While in the air, such a shield is considered a terrain effect, though it is still vulnerable to things that would normally affect a shield (such as Fireball or Destruction Arrow). A shield may not be tossed into another player or their wielded equipment