Easygard Mobile Amtgard

This web application is a subset of the Amtgard V8 rulebook (rules) optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

This application is offline capable. If your browser supports it, you should be able to disconnect from the network and still use Easygard! If you see any missing pages offline please report it!

The content of this application is provided by the Amtgard V8 rules of play documents and the implementation of the mobile application is done by Lord Kismet of Felfrost. There is no intent to derive monetary value from this application and the source can be found at the Github repository for Easygard.ca.

The content should be up to date with the Amtgard Rules of Play from the AICOM meeting of 2023 edition V8.5.3 "Saucy"


Please report any bugs or suggestions to the kismet@felfrost.ca email address

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