Island of Dread


Objective: Survival
Teams: 2
Lives: Attack team, unlimited; Defending team, players x 4 lifepool
Respawn: Attack team, 60; Defending team, 30
Refresh: Per role change
Players: Any
Equipment: Area of water with island inside
Credited To: Pungkow, who got it from the internet
The Defending team spawns at the center of the island and has a life pool as described. The attacking team spawns on a base somewhere on the water and no offensive actions can be taken from this base.

Any participant must walk while in the water but when on the island that restriction is lifted.

The attacking team tries to wipe out the defending team on the island. If the defending team has zero living players on the island at one time, hold is called, everyone returns to their respective base and comes back alive. This causes the defending team to lose 4 lives from their total live pool.

A max time should be set and after that has run out count the number of lives left in the defending team livepool. This could be used to determine the winner if the life pools are never fully consumed.