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Faerie Circles

Class Ditch Militia

Objective: To close all opposing Faerie Circles
Teams: 2+
Lives: Infinite
Respawn: 60 seconds
Refresh: None
Players: 3+ per team
Equipment: Flagging tape for 10ft Circles
Credited To: Gratus Anvil-Thrower (Original, below is a modification), Goldenvale
Each Team begins with two or more "Faerie Circles" (zones designated by flagging tape or equivalent - best results when they are at least 10ft squares), which act as their Respawn points and Bases. Players may Respawn at either of their Team's Circles freely, and change where the Respawn each life. Circles should be created at least 50ft away from one another.

An Opposing Team's Faerie Circle may be closed by entering the Circle and chanting "I don't believe in Faeries" x10. At this point, a Reeve begins a 30 second count-down. After that count, the circle closes. A closed Circle cannot be used to Respawn from.

A Circle can be re-opened by entering the Circle and chanting "I believe in Faeries" x10, after which a Reeve begins a 15 second count-down. After that count, the circle opens.

The game ends when one team has no viable Faerie Circles to Respawn from.

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Feed the Trolls


Objective: Kill the Trolls!
Teams: 2+ plus Trolls
Lives: Unlimited
Respawn: 60
Refresh: None
Players: 10+ and 1 Troll per 5 players
Equipment: Troll Bait, Troll Cave
Credited To: Wunjo
Scattered throughout the field is Troll bait (5-7 pieces of something...). The teams try to collect the bait so that they can put all the pieces in front of the entrance of the cave to get the Trolls to emerge. Each time the Trolls are summoned, they may have a random ability determined by QM (optional). After all the Trolls are killed, players return to their base, bait is redispersed, and the game continues. Whichever team gets the first to a set number of Troll kills wins.

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Foxtrot / Kraken / Sharks and Minnows / Snakes and Rats


Objective: Predators: To convert all Prey; Prey: To survive as many rounds as possible
Teams: 4+
Lives: One per round
Respawn: See below
Refresh: None
Players: One Predator, other Prey
Equipment: Cones, Flagging tape
Credited To: Amtgard standard
One player is chosen to play the Predator (typically known as a Fox, Kraken, Shark, Snake, etc.), while all other players begin as the Prey (Rabbits, Sailors, Minnows, Rats, etc.).

Section off a laneway (either with ribbon or cones). The Predator begins play in this laneway, and all Prey begin outside of the laneway all on one side. Each round, the Prey must successfully reach the other side of the laneway without being killed by the Predator.

The Predator has a 10-second Respawn, and will return to the game where they were killed. Prey that are killed should remain where they died (so long as it remains safe) until the round has been reset.

In most variations, all players only are allowed Short Swords. However, in some variations, the original Predator is allowed additional weaponry depending on the game design.

In most variations (Shark, Fox, Snake, etc.), the first Prey killed in a round becomes a Predator, and roams the laneway with the original Predator attempting to kill more Prey each round. However, in some variations, all Prey killed become Predators - or, in the case of Kraken, all Prey killed become tentacles which are able to fight, but must keep their feet planted (as if Stopped) during rounds.

In any case, the last Prey left alive is typically the winner of the game. If multiple games are played, this survivor should become the first Predator in the next game.